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Packaging Services



Shrink Wrapping  (Automatic and Manual)

At Best Packaging we have semi-automatic and high speed, fully automatic, shrink wrap machines. Our automatic equipment runs at approximately 35 units per minute, allowing our customers to meet the most critical of deadlines. We only use the highest grade shrink wrapping films, allowing us to produce a retail ready pack. Whether it’s a small run with fast turnaround or high volume, we are committed to delivering the highest quality and professional service.

Please click here for a video on Guillotining and Shrink Wrapping.



Pack Reconfiguration

Has your imported product arrived wrongly configured for the local market? No problems! At Best Packaging we specialize in repacking goods to your specific requirements.

In today’s competitive marketplace, the purchase of goods in bulk is a necessity. But repacking pallet loads of product into marketable quantities is time consuming. Don’t tie up your own valuable staff, send your stock to us, and our expert staff will repackage your goods for you, producing a quality product at a competitive price.



Kit Assembly

A service used regularly by our clients. You can simply send us bulk pallets of stock and let us do the hard work for you. All parts are hand picked by our experienced staff. The assembled components are packed carefully into individual cartons, labeled and palletized ready for distribution.



Labeling and Barcoding

Our in-house thermal printed labeling and barcoding service provides a retail ready finish to your product.